Print Classifications - Digital Printing

Standard Prints are color corrected by the lab, to our lab standard. We can customize to your color, contrast, and saturation preferences, by doing color tests and developing a match print that we can use as a standard tailored just for you. Reprints for standard prints are typically at our expense, except for the case of poorly exposed or processed images.

Economy Prints are similar to Standard Prints, but no adjustments of any kind are made. We recommend this option only if you have a stringent color management system in place and are confident in the results. You are responsible for any reprint charges. For the most consistent results, we recommend Standard Prints.

Create-A-Package Prints are for school and sports events where consistent exposures are available. We will color correct at your request. Prints are reasonably color and density corrected as a batch, but not individually corrected. Die cut wallets are NOT available with this service.

WorkStream Orders can include standard or economy photographic or Giclée prints.

ROES Orders must be created for standard, economy, or Giclée prints separately. You cannot combine different categories of prints in a ROES order.

Giclée Fine Arts Prints are produced on our 8-color Epson printer in widths of up to 72" by any length. Beautiful and archival results on watercolor paper and direct to canvas.

Negative retouching and digital enhancement are available at published prices.