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Mid-South has long been known for its top-of-the-line Giclee canvas prints.  Now, we take that same technology and apply it to aluminum prints.

The metal that we use has the same white coating as our Giclee canvas. These are the first metal prints specifically designed for high-end art and photo prints. This breakthrough technology allows us to print directly onto the metal, which differs from standard metal prints made using a heat transfer, dye-sublimation process and dye-based inks.

Printing direct to the metal means that your prints have a much higher resolution, more subtle tones, greater detail in shadows, more vivid colors, and are longer lasting. A true "Next Level" product.

With Allure metal prints, we use the highest quality pigmented inks which have a wider gamut and are far more archival and fade resistant than dye-based inks. We use a state-of-the-art printer with a 9-color inkset, perfectly calibrated for color accuracy.

For added pop and protection, prints are coated with a gloss overlaminate, which contains UV inhibitors for longer image life.  The overlaminate also makes the prints more scuff resistant and easier to clean.

Available in all sizes up to 40 x 60  including custom sizes.

Several mounting options are available.  All prints are shipped with a microfiber cloth for safe cleaning.

YouTube       Watch a video of how we produce our Allure Metal Prints

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*Allure Fine Art Metal is manufactured in the USA by Breathing Color and is patent pending.

Note: As with any metal print, coatings sometimes contain tiny imperfections like bumps. We carefully inspect all metal before printing and make sure any imperfections are placed in an inconspicuous spot. Even though we use pigmented inks and UV inhibiting overlaminate, prints can fade over time like normal Giclee prints, so we recommend avoiding direct sunlight for all imaging media.