Brilliance Sample

 Mid-South has long been known for its top-of-the-line quality products.  Now, we add to that line with unique prints on aluminum.  We call it our Brilliance Series.

Our Brilliance prints differ from traditional dye-sublimated metal prints in a dramatic way.  With Brilliance, the luminous base tone and wide color gamut of the print material along with the high-gloss surface guarantees luxurious extra-rich color with a perfect gray balance.

We use a 7-mil polyester-based true photographic material mounted to an aluminum substrate to create stunning gallery-level color prints that take prints on metal to the next level!

Standard presentation includes an inset black aluminum back frame.  Other mounting options are available.

Priced competitively with traditional dye-sub metal prints.  Easy to order in ROES.

Here are the details:

• Images printed on unique photographic polyester material
• Bright white point brings out true-to-life colors
• High gloss finish adds unparalleled richness and depth • Accurately displays skin tones
• Impressive color range and integrity • Ultra-smooth surface
• Deeper blacks and more brilliant whites • Ideal for portraits, landscapes and commercial projects
• Greater shadow detail • Mounted on 1/8" aluminum composite material-prevents bowing
• Incredible sharpness • Light weight, yet rigid

Mounting options are shown below.

YouTube Watch a video on Brilliance                                   Download Brilliance Flyer

EaselBackFlush Plate34FloatMount34StandoffInsetFrame
Note: As with any metal print, coatings sometimes contain tiny imperfections like bumps. We carefully inspect all metal before printing and make sure any imperfections are placed in an inconspicuous spot.  We recommend that you handle by the edges only to prevent surface marring.